Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two-wheeled evil staredown

My bicycles are giving me the Hairy Eyeball.

They live in the hallway. Peanut, the triathlon bike, lives against the stairs. Little Red Bicycle, the road bike, lives against the wall.

I rode Peanut for two days last week. He got hopeful. Then I got Anthrax or whatever the hell it is I've had all week. So there Peanut sits. He's even got his racing wheels still on him.

LRB sat for two days with a flat that didn't get fixed. It's a sad state of affairs.

I can feel their snubbery every time I walk by them.

But it's not my fault! They saw me with my pukey fever and my demonic chest cough! Why should I feel so bad?

Is is because nearly all of my Facebook friends are cyclists and they're always talking about how weary they are after their rides? Or taking pictures of their bikes while they're on a ride or getting ready to go on a ride and mine are just sitting there, remote control in hand and a bowl of potato chips?

Take care, my friends. For Tuesday we shall begin again.

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