Friday, January 2, 2009

I *heart* emo vampires

Most Twilight readers admit to their dorkitude. And the first step to healing is admitting something. (BTW, if you're a grown up who actually reads books for adults, the following paragraphs are not for you.)

Here's my opinion(s).

The main characters? I think Bella's a drama-queen whiner with extraordinarily poor decision-making skills.

I can't keep up with Edward talking like a sophisticated 18th century kind of guy one minute then a skater dude the next.

Bella and Edward together make me think of that annoying kissy-smooch sound that movies like to blast acapella for five minutes. (To me this noise is akin to nails on a chalkboard to some people.)

And WHY, HOW do you have this much lovey-ness for someone when you're 18 unless your future involves a double-wide.

Jacob. Jacob. What else can I say? He's smart. He's nice. And I root for him in every paragraph.

And I like Alice because she sounds like someone with cool hair.

And I just redeemed my American Express Rewards Points for a Barnes and Noble giftcard so I can buy the last book.


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Juliet said...

Fuck the whole mate thing. Rosalie should dump Emmit and take Bella for herself. Then again, we know I'm a sucker for the relationships born of angst.