Saturday, April 10, 2010

Say, are you employed?

WARNING: What you're about to read contains really awful writing. It is not indicative of what I usually write. Just so you know. I'm just excited.

This has nothing to do with triathlon training but everything to do with the end of my job search.

I. Am. Employed. No more freelancing.

What's the cool cherry on the top of the new job (does that even make sense?) is that this is a brand new company. So new that I'm the first employee.

This guy, Kirk Sullivan, has been in the PR/writing/editing biz for about 30 years. He's taking his experience and opening his own firm and I get to be that employee that's been there since the beginning of time. You know what I'm talking about. The employee where you work that everyone directs their questions to; the one that the boss attaches that extra bit of reverence to since they were there from the beginning.

It feels great to help someone take their dream and mold it and make it successful.

And PR? Something I've never done. I've worked off of countless press releases. I do it everyday. But to write them? Not since grad school. And there's so much more.

I get my own desk. It's my own. Let me say it again - it's my OWN. I can put up my pictures, get a chair that fits my stupid injured back and neck - it's mine. Not someone else's that I briefly turn into my own for a non-permanent period of time.

So, YAY!!