Thursday, January 1, 2009

My kinda evening

New Years Eve: Dancing dressed in a glittery gown with great looking hair and perfectly applied makeup - a flute of champagne (or, in my case, Head Injury Champagne = sparkling apple juice), a countdown and a kiss at midnight.

This? Is not how I spent my new year's eve.

My new years eve was spent with farts and d*ck jokes coming from my DVD player in the form of Superbad.

I was dressed in my flannel pajamas with the pictures of a cow jumping over the moon.

No makeup whatsoever.

Glasses on.

Coughing/sneezing my head off with a Kleenex shoved up each nostril and really hoping I could stay awake until midnight.


Earlier that day I completed the longest workout I'd done in six months - Pilates, swim (for the 1st time since injury!!! I never thought I could miss drinking chlorine so much), bike (45 minutes in a delicious head wind) and run (15 minutes in a glorious bonk.)


Tonight? The same thing minus the fart jokes.

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