Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nice Bunn

Happiness is a new coffeemaker.

But I'm not just talking about any old coffeemaker. This is a Bunn restaurant-style coffee maker. It's got a tank that stores the water. It heats it up as soon as I push the "on" button and then the coffee pot is filled three minutes later!!!

Oh sure, I miss my old coffeemaker. It was just a run-of-the-mill Krups bought for $20 at Target. It had seen many cups off coffee at midnight when I have to get up for work. Patiently I would eat a banana and listen to my buddy slowly brewing a cup of coffee.

And then he let me down. For some reason hot water poured in an unwelcome stream onto my hands despite the off button being on.

But my new coffeemaker. . .my NEW coffeemaker. . .Well, I feel like a barista. It only makes regular coffee but I've been so proud of it that I've bought about $50 in brand new coffee to make my new friend feel welcome.

I dutifully clean the pot and filter thingy every single solitary time the maker is finished with its three minute brewing time. I wipe the dust from its beautiful cover. I even make sure I flip the switch to off so as to not burn the house down.

Granted my new friend made my credit card plump and happy. It will take about a quarter of my paycheck to pay it off. But what price happiness? Does sheer delight have a cost?

It may be sad that I get so much delight out of a coffee maker but it should be no surprise that glee in my life is comprised of beans and water.