Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going. To. Die.

Today I meet my coach but that's not what's making me nervous.

Because although drama may be fun for some people, it makes me lethargic. This in turn makes me not work out. This in turn makes me non-muscular (I'm not admitting to fatness.)

My coach will not only see right past that but will make me workout as though I've been training like an Olympic triathlete for the past month.

Let's see. There's been a couple of instances of swimming, some of it difficult, some of it less so. A little running. And I do mean "a little."

And NO cycling. So here comes the Thursday night interval pukefest. He told me to eat peanuts so at least I can make it interesting.

Here I was picturing Chicago as a time where I can go downtown, revisit with nostalgia the lakefront. Maybe go to the Lincoln Park zoo and perhaps go visit my professors at grad school.

Now Chicago has become an object of terror. Of fear for my heart rate and ability to walk normally.

I'd better go put my bike together and ride to Iowa just for good measure.

1 comment:

Bob Mitera said...

Awe come on...it isn't that bad. Especially with a heart rate monitor on. Track at 6pm should be fun! Swimming after that...even better!

- Coach