Friday, June 19, 2009

Le Peuwww

I woke up this morning and I'm on crooked. My head is going one way, my shoulders the other. My lower back is heading the other way entirely. This? Is the last time I don't see my chiropractor every week.

But more dramatic than that? I'm out of deoderant.

I turned the knob and it was all "clickclickclick."

Why is this so traumatic? Let me put it this way, I wear the clinical sport strength in the hope that I will win the Battle of the Stinky Triathlete.

I hate stink. Always have. Since my injury, I have the MOST sensitive sense of smell. I can smell people on the side of the road and in other cars. Cigarettes four cars in front of me? Yep.

I hate stink.

We all have stinkiness. I hardly expect anyone to not curl my nose hairs (including myself) by mile 120 of an Ironman.

So until I get to Randall's I will walk around with my arms stuck firmly to my sides.

I'm also going to visit the chiro.

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