Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everybody needs a dream

I am determined to do a handstand.

Yes, my main goal is to qualify for Kona. But I've always admired those people (they are usually gymnasts) who can push themselves up from a seated position into a handstand.

This all started because I grew a core. Find the irony - I first got the idea at physical therapy. Don't even ask me to explain the Pilates funky thingy with springs on it that I started doing pikes on.

Then I got the idea to push myself up. More. More. And now I've gotten as far as my feet going to my head.

Here's where I start to need a wall. Here's where I really need a brain. A brain that will tell me exactly how badly I will ruin my race season by snapping something in two.

I'm practicing on the kitchen cutting island. While I'm making coffee. I've determined that this is a good idea by not trying to get upside down.

Another goal more conducive and less health insurance premium raising - to swim at all the public pools and swimming holes in the Austin area.

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