Monday, August 25, 2008

Will beg for comments

It's not that I'm unhappy that the three of you are taking a moment out of your busy (read: employed) day to read my blog but:

I'm needy.

I speak of "comments." Send me some please. It's easy. Just take that mouse thingy, move it over "comments" (this is usually preceded by a zero) and give mama some love.

You can stay "anonymous," you can be a prison inmate, you can be an employer immediately dissing me for my plea of employment.

I'm desperate for anyone.

I'm Tamirra and I approve of this message.


The BOGer said...

Shhh. Everybody be really quiet!

The BOGer said...

I find it really funny that on such a powerful, popular, well-defined website as, it still says "1 comments" because they haven't bothered to code in the if statement.

Anonymous said...